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Moses has spent over 23 years focusing on Business Development and Business Solutions and is excited to provide support in business and life!  Moses has been mentored by some of today's leading speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs; and desires to share the wisdom and knowledge he has accumulated.

Enjoy this easy to read digital expression entitled, MOtivation- "an uplifting perspective on growth and life."


Use this MOtivation E-book as a guide while you navigate the ebbs and flows of business and life. Moses has found a user friendly way to break down key moments in life's journey and explain it in simple terms for young people, aspiring business entrepreneurs, experienced leaders, and executives.




Speaker, Author

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Real Estate

Moses Rangel's Journey...

Moses interest lay in the space of 

Real Estate development and investment.

Since 2008, Moses has been in and around residential construction. In 2015, he pursued education in Real Estate Investing and started his journey as a Real Estate investor. That same year he received his General Contractors license in order to manage his projects; however, that quickly changed into others seeking his companies experience in construction. In 2019, Moses scaled his contracting business into the multifamily development space. For more on Real Estate investment opportunities and current projects click on the email link above.

Austin New Construction meeting

Business Consultant

If your seeking insight in your business or 

evaluating an opportunity and would like 

another set of eyes or an unbiased ear to hear then schedule a call with Moses.

Rangel's Businesses

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*2000-2002: University of Texas at San Antonio

*2003-2010: Administration in Education

2007-Present:Business Consultant focused on Business Development and Business Solutions

2007-Present: Single Family Residential Construction (PREMIER)

*2010-2020: Senior Account Executive, Health & Wellness

2015-Present: Real Estate Investing & Development (CERCA)

2019-Present:  Multi-Family Construction (PREMIER)

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